Monday, November 11, 2013

 Sign petition for House to work on immigration reform

With Congress set to consider comprehensive immigration reform, please see this powerful message LTG (Ret.) Ricardo Sanchez has for VoteVets supporters about one of the first soldiers he lost in Iraq. When you're done reading, please join us in urging the House to take action here:

VoteVets Supporter -

One of the first soldiers I lost in Iraq wasn't an American citizen.

His story began like many others who come to this country seeking a better life while giving back to their communities. Some do it through public service jobs and volunteerism, others in our churches and community centers.

He chose to do it through military service, but he lacked citizenship when he made his Final Journey home -- despite the fact his sacrifice for our nation was just as enduring as those born here.

Comprehensive immigration reform recently passed the U.S. Senate but remains stuck, waiting for the House of Representatives to take action.

Please join me, VoteVets, and Daily Kos in signing a petition urging them to act now. Add your name to mine and we'll deliver your message to House leadership.

My war experiences give me a perspective on this issue that very few others have. While in command of U.S. operations in Kosovo and Iraq, I learned the importance of controlling the borders -- it was literally a life and death issue.

The bill that passed the Senate is a fair mix of proposals to secure our borders while providing immigrants an opportunity to give back to this great nation they already call home.

This is the right approach, and I hope you'll join me in supporting it.

All the best,
LTG (Ret.) Ricardo Sanchez

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