Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Help Keep the FACTS in the Immigration Debate

The latest news from Congress has confirmed the path to immigration reform is not going to be easy or straightforward. However, the debate will continue in Congress, in the news and in your community, and as it does, the opportunity for fear and misinformation to derail the conversation will be constant.

Protecting immigration reform from harmful external influences requires extreme diligence.  The American Immigration Council is embedded in the education, law and policy worlds and is dedicated to the task of keeping this debate on course by promoting the FACTS.

But we need your help!  Click here to help us keep the FACTS in the immigration debate.

We are working to amplifying your voice... the FACTS on immigration... through:

* comprehensive research,
* cutting-edge litigation,
* thoughtful lesson plans,
* strategic op-eds,
* instructive practice advisories,
* timely blog postings and
* targeted state and district fact sheets

There is no room for complacency. The American Immigration Council is working every day to get the facts into the hands of the people who can make the most impact and guide the conversation down a path that will not only improve our country's immediate economic future, but protect our country's best asset: our rich cultural diversity, for generations to come.

The American Immigration Council's multi-faceted approach has been the foundation of our mission for over 26 years.  Help us continue this mission in 2014 and keep the immigration debate on course and fueled by the facts! Donate today and help us toward our year-end goal of $75,000.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes,
Ben Johnson, Executive Director, American Immigration Council

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