Friday, November 01, 2013

How immigration reform would help Chicago

This tells how reform would help Chicago and the same goes for cities across the whole country.    - - Donna Poisl

By Stephen Bouman

Chicago is a city of immigrants, a microcosm of how new Americans can and do revitalize communities across our country. But for all Americans to benefit from what immigrants can offer, both economically and culturally, we need Congress to reform our immigration laws — thoughtfully, fairly and immediately. This is especially important this fall, as the House mulls critical decisions about reform that could have enormous consequences for our city.

I live in Edgewater, a North Side hub of immigration. If the House passes a comprehensive immigration reform bill like Senate Bill 744, which the Senate passed recently, that would benefit our community. First, it would better save our immigrant neighbors’ families from the trauma of being torn apart by detention and deportation. Second, it would help our undocumented neighbors come out of the shadows, where they’re often exploited. Third, and most important, reform would bring immigrants’ gifts for hard work and entrepreneurship to the table, rejuvenating everything from our business districts to our congregations.
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