Thursday, November 21, 2013

Immigration reform needed now, say backers

Agricultural groups need workers and are urging Congress to act now on immigration reform.     - - Donna Poisl

Christine Souza, California Farm Bureau Federation 

If immigration reform is to happen, it must be now: That's the message supporters of immigration reform continue to send to members of Congress. Agricultural groups and other organizations say they intend to continue to put pressure on lawmakers to pass comprehensive reform, to follow up on momentum created by a "fly-in" event in Washington, D.C.

"We need to keep telling our representatives the importance of passing real reform. Otherwise, legislators will think its OK if they wait—and if they wait, that could be for four to seven years or more until it is addressed again," said Rayne Pegg, manager of the California Farm Bureau Federation Federal Policy Division. "Legislators are in their districts, so share your stories with the message that reform must happen."
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