Monday, October 21, 2013

Why America Needs Immigrants

Foreign students are getting trained in our universities and finding it impossible to start businesses here, so they are taking their new skills back home.   - - Donna Poisl


If there's one fact that Americans take for granted, it's that other people want to live here. As President Barack Obama noted in his speech on immigration earlier this week, the U.S. has always attracted strivers from every corner of the globe, often willing to risk great hardships to get here.

During the 20th century especially, America became a magnet for the bright and ambitious. Millions of talented foreigners, from Alfred Hitchcock to Sergey Brin, flocked to our universities and benefited from our financial capital and open culture.

There are signs, however, that the allure of America is fading. A new study by researchers at U.C. Berkeley, Duke and Harvard has found that, for the first time, a majority of American-trained entrepreneurs who have returned to India and China believe they are doing better at "home" than they would be doing in the U.S. The numbers weren't even close: 72% of Indians and 81% of Chinese said "economic opportunities" were superior in their native countries.
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Ralph Johnson said...

Yes, indeed, Immigrants contributed a lot to the building of this nation. Without, immigrants there will be no United States of America. The founding founders from George Washington, John Hancock, the US presidents, rest of citizenry and the people who made history and constituted this great and powerful nation have immigrants as ancestors or recent immigrant themselves.

I know some friend who was a former citizen of his south asian country, got green card and citizenship at that time USA immigration was more relaxed last decade ago. Now, he is a US citizen and serving in US navy.
A US citizen must not forget where he came from and think that most of the US citizenry that constitutes this nation is indeed, came from immigrants or are immigrants themselves. Take note, many of immigrants who became US citizen are now serving US government post and Pres Obama's father was an immigrant his also the ancestors presidents before him. In short, every US citizen is were once or came as immigrant.

Its time to ease US immigration for every non-US citizen by removing lenghty process, unrealistic or inflated requirements in terms of education or personal background. Importantly, the would-be immigration must know how to integrate, communicate and contribute for the betterment of US society and nation. Just my opinion, and I thank the blog administrator for this posting opportunity. Hoping, US immigration be reformed for all existing US immigration and for those who want to go to USA.

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