Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For Somali Immigrants, All Politics Really Is Local

These immigrants have learned how America works; communities have their local issues and the community is listened to.  It helps tremendously if their own people are elected officials.- - Donna Poisl

CONTRIBUTED BY: Alan Greenblatt

 Politics in Minneapolis is about to change.

Not only is the city electing a new mayor on Nov. 5, but it’s possible a majority of the members of the city council will be freshmen as well.

Among their number could be Abdi Warsame, who would be the first Somali American elected to the city council there — or anywhere else.

“The community has realized we can turn to each other to address issues of education, housing and health, which are mainly controlled by the politicians,” says Muhamud Noor, a Wasame ally.

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