Monday, October 14, 2013

Iowa View: Immigrants are helping our state

This opinion piece tells how immigrants in Iowa are making that state strong. The writer wants the rest of the country and the federal government to pay attention.   - - Donna Poisl

Written by KEN D. SAGAR

Congress, we need to talk.

You’re just not doing the business of the people lately. Instead of fixing our crumbling infrastructure, creating jobs, helping main street America, addressing immigration, or anything else for that matter, you’ve chosen to shut our federal government down.

The shame in what you’re doing is that there are real families, workers and businesses in Iowa right now that need you to address these issues. Take immigration reform, as an example.

Over the summer, the Network for Immigration Reform Now, a broad coalition of labor, faith, community, Latino and many other groups, has been busy calling on Iowa’s members of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.
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