Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kids expand horizons while parents learn English

Mothers are in ELL classes while their kids are involved in different summer activities (gardening, painting, etc.) on the same campus.  - - Donna Poisl

by Tom Joyce, Staff Reporter

It was a sweltering day at L.H. Jones Family Resource Center this past week, but everyone was so busy nobody seemed to notice — with the exception of a reporter who was perspiring heavily.

On one area of the grounds a group of kids, ages 5 to 13, worked in a garden filled with a lush array of herbs such as sweet basil, spicy oregano and cilantro.

In another part of the former school campus, a second bunch of youngsters painted a mural on an outside wall of the J.J. Jones Alumni Auditorium, which upon completion will depict children holding hands while encircling the globe.
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