Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Immigration and assimilation: Feeling global, but being an American

This story tells the story about one immigrant and the things he had to learn about this country while assimilating, including the weather.    - - Donna Poisl

By Stephanie Hanes, Correspondent

SHREWSBURY, MASS. -- One of the first jolts for Mohammed Raziuddin came when it started snowing. In October. The brochures from Syracuse University that he'd read back in Hyderabad, India, had lots of beautiful pictures from the spring and fall, he recalls with a laugh.

When he arrived in upstate New York in 1993, an eager international graduate student seeking a degree in computer science, everything seemed just as described. Then it got cold: "I had never been in a cold climate before. It was a drastic change."

But in his 20s – and thrilled to be delving into the academic side of an up-and-coming industry – Mr. Raziuddin chalked the chill up as another part of this adventure called the United States of America.
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