Thursday, June 16, 2011

Immigrants may help fund downtown revitalizatio

Many countries offer immigrants a visa to bring money and start businesses, the U.S. visa is called EB-5 and 10,000 are available every year. - - Donna Poisl

NewsChannel 10's Laura Rojas

AMARILLO, TEXAS - It took Gerardo Torres 17 years to get his residency card after coming here from Mexico. Gerardo says at times desperation set in and his case seemed hopeless, but soon wealthier immigrants may be able to speed up that process to just six months by investing $500 thousand to $1 million in downtown Amarillo revitalization.

"That provides a source of funds that can be used for a source in projects that would otherwise not be available," Joe Esch of Developer Wallace Bajjali said. "Our goal has been how to make a public private partnership work. Here's a source of funding that is that is a federal source that could potential be of assistance to the project."
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