Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pilgrim descendants in Chicago salute a legacy of freedom

These people in Chicago are related to the first immigrants in this country and hundreds of years later, we all celebrate their pact to work together and form a new community. - - Donna Poisl

Mayflower Compact gets its due from those who had ancestors at Plymouth Rock

By Ron Grossman Tribune reporter

Cutting the turkey and spooning out the cranberry sauce, most people -- if remembering the Pilgrims at all -- will credit them with setting the Thanksgiving Day menu. But Don Sherman will thank them for a more profound legacy, what he calls "their fierce, you could say fanatical, devotion to freedom."

Sherman is among a number of Chicagoans who have discovered they are Pilgrim descendants and who gather on the weekend before Thanksgiving for a luncheon (yes, turkey). Someone reads the Mayflower Compact, a kind of mini-constitution the Pilgrims wrote just before landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Then the list of its signers is recited:

William Bradford, Myles Standish, John Alden ...

As each Pilgrim's name is called out, his descendants rise.
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