Monday, June 29, 2009

Religious groups show support for immigrants

Religious groups in Utah are encouraging their people to stand up for human rights and support immigrants. - - Donna Poisl

Religious groups draw attention to issues raised by Utah's SB81

By Clayton Norlen, Deseret News

Religious leaders of Salt Lake City, along with members of their flocks gathered at the Gallivan Center Friday evening to show support for immigrants and their families.

To welcome Unitarian Universalists from across the United States for general assembly meetings in Salt Lake City, a Day of Witness was held to raise awareness of the issues immigrant families are facing across the United States. Speakers at the event were critical of Utah's SB81, a bill that establishes new requirements for businesses that contract with the state to screen employees for legal presence status and calls for an immigration enforcement role for state and local law enforcement agencies.

Bishop Irish said that SB81 ignores due process and encourages racial profiling without providing immigrants the ability to contest charges.
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