Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Abusive immigration policies damaged Postville, Iowa

The meatpacking plant that allowed immigration officials to arrest 400 of their workers has gone bankrupt, mainly because they could not find workers. And this has caused big problems in the whole town. People don't see very far ahead when they do these things. - - Donna Poisl

By Mary Sanchez, Kansas City Star columnist

At last, Washington seems to be getting serious about immigration reform. Democratic leaders in Congress have begun hearings to look into ways to overhaul federal immigration enforcement, and President Barack Obama promised to convene a working group on the matter.

Obama ought to assemble that brain trust quickly and load its members up on a bus to Postville, Iowa.

There they can take in the sights of a small town that’s paying the price for our government’s inhumane and broken immigration policy. If they hurry, they might make it there in time for the church-led vigils marking the May 12 anniversary of the raid of Agriprocessors, the giant slaughterhouse that once was Postville’s largest employer.
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