Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chinatown’s hospitality during times of change

When new immigrants move to this country, they look for "their own people" and Chinatown helps Chinese immigrants get settled. But the housing for almost all new immigrants is usually very expensive compared to their limited income. - - Donna Poisl

By Samuel Tsoi

Housing profoundly shapes many aspects of our lives. The home is the main setting for personal, domestic and social development. Not only does it determine our access to community and commercial resources, but it also contributes to a significant portion of household budgets.

In expensive and cold climate areas such as Boston, the costs of shelter greatly affect a household’s social mobility. Unfortunately, the challenge of meeting high costs is even more overwhelming for immigrant and minority neighborhoods as the economic downturn perpetuates existing gentrification and urban renewal.

According to the latest census data, Asian households on average pay the highest rent among non-white groups in Massachusetts. Expensive rent not only takes up a significant part of a household’s budget but also slows upward mobility
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