Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Minnesota: Language as asset

Instead of thinking of their students knowing another language as a problem, these schools are seeing that it is an asset. Knowing another language is very valuable in today's world.     - - Donna Poisl

Pioneer Press editorial

The growing numbers of multilingual students -- often otherwise known as "English language learners" -- in Minnesota schools are getting attention from educators and lawmakers.

It's the result of thoughtful public policy about the students' future -- and Minnesota's.

"We need every one of our English language learners to do well if we're going to do well as a state," said Rep. Carlos Mariani, a St. Paul Democrat whose work this legislative session is reflective of a shift in thinking about how multilingual students are taught.

It's a shift that considers students' home languages an asset as they pursue their educations, even as they learn English.
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