Friday, April 18, 2014

‘Home: Beyond Geography’ explores immigrants’ stories about coming to Miami

This project to collect immigrants' stories is for an art project and then they will be published as a book.    - - Donna Poisl


Two young immigrants are crisscrossing Miami-Dade County in search of stories from other immigrants for an O, Miami Poetry Festival art project.

Leila Leder Kremer of Argentina and Juana Meneses of Colombia, both visual artists, are asking people from Little Havana to Little Haiti to Homestead to write down their stories and draw their immigration routes on cards that eventually will be published in a book that then will be on public display.

“At the very end of the project we are going to collect all this information and create a larger book,” said Leder Kremer. “After we compile this and after we do all this research, we are planning to put it in an installation, perhaps a museum slash center, archive.”
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