Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Boston's undocumented Irish advocate for comprehensive immigration bill

There are other immigrant groups besides Hispanic that are waiting for immigration reform.   - - Donna Poisl

By IrishCentral Staff Writers

Boston's undocumented Irish immigrants continue to push for a comprehensive immigration bill that will grant a path to citizenship for the estimated 10,000 Irish immigrants in the city, despite the House Republicans rejection of a comprehensive immigration reform bill in July.

“We’ve sent busloads of Irish to Washington,” said Kieran O’Sullivan, immigration and citizenship advisor at Dorchester’s Irish Pastoral Center, told WGBH News.

O'Sullivan added that the Irish may help to bridge the gap of the "us versus them" mentality towards Hispanic immigrants in the immigration debate, and that for the Irish, being white, native English speakers removes many of the barriers to cultural assimilation that other immigrants often encounter.
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