Thursday, February 14, 2013

Overhauling Immigration Law:  A Brief History and Basic Principles of Reform

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February 14, 2013

Washington D.C. – Immigration reform has become one of the top priorities for the country, but making sense of  the current debate can be daunting, especially given the complexity of immigration law itself.  With this in mind, the Immigration Policy Center’s Mary Giovagnoli has written a short perspectives piece on the current debate,  “Overhauling Immigration Law:  A Brief History and Basic Principles of Reform.”

This overview, based on Giovagnoli’s seventeen years of experience in immigration law and policy, offers a snapshot of the current immigration system, providing a short summary of the key events and issues that have shaped the laws, offers context for the current debate, and discusses the key principles guiding immigration reform.

If you are new to immigration, or if you are just looking for a brief refresher to put the debate into context, you can find the IPC’s latest primer here.

To view the Perspectives Piece on Overhauling Immigration Law, click here:
Overhauling Immigration Law:  A Brief History and Basic Principles of Reform.

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