Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jose Antonio Vargas testifies for illegal immigrants

Some of the testimony at the immigration reform hearing on Wednesday.    - - Donna Poisl

By Stephen Dinan-The Washington Times

 At the witness table at Wednesday’s Senate hearing on immigration reform sat the head of the labor union for immigration enforcement agents. Two seats away, at the same table, sat an illegal immigrant — testifying without fear of deportation thanks to President Obama’s new policies.

Together they captured two truths about the immigration debate: America is a nation of laws, and a nation of immigrants. And sometimes those two cannot be easily reconciled.

“Before we take your questions here, I have a few of my own. What do you want to do with me?” Jose Antonio Vargas, the illegal immigrant, asked the SenateJudiciary Committee. “To me, the most important question, as a student of American history, is this: How do you define American? How do you define it?”
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