Friday, March 30, 2012

You speak a foreign language? Teach it to your kid!

I completely agree, bilingualism is wonderful and it is so much easier to learn a second language as a young child than when older.   - - Donna Poisl

Posted by Ailen Arreaza

Can I be critical and opinionated for just a quick second? Okay, thanks.

I think that immigrant parents who don't speak their native tongue to their kids are doing them a huge disservice. And whenever I encounter one speaking in — often broken and accented — English with their offspring I have to take deep breaths to overcome the overwhelming desire I get to slap some sense into them. Don't they realize that speaking a foreign language to their kids now pretty much guarantees them a successful career in the future? Don't they know that those kids are going to learn English anyway from TV and school? Ugh!

One of the first major parenting decisions Tony and I made, even before our son was born, was to only speak to him in Spanish. Now that he's almost three, he can fully understand and communicate — as well as a toddler can — in both languages.
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