Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For Latinos, Immigration More Personal than Political, Poll Says

Latinos are not a "one issue" group, they pay attention to several things. Politicians should pay attention to them.    - - Donna Poisl

Written By Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News Latino
It’s not a dinner table topic for many of them, or the sole issue that will influence whom they support for president in November.

But Latinos still listen closely to what candidates say about immigration.
A new Fox News Latino poll conducted of 1,200 likely Latino voters nationwide, under the direction of Latin Insights, shows that they care most about the economy when it comes to the presidential race.

Nearly 50 percent said jobs and the economy were the top issues for them – a markedly smaller group, 12 percent, consider immigration a top issue when choosing the President.
But immigration – and the tenor of discussions on the campaign trail about immigrants – clearly matters a lot to Latinos on a personal level. Indeed, for many Latinos, immigration is personal.
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