Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Immigrant student in Miami allowed to stay under Obama immigration policy

This young woman is her class valedictorian and is being allowed to stay here and prepare for college.    - - Donna Poisl

Patrik Jonsson | The Christian Science Monitor

The Obama administration has given a reprieve to a high-achieving Florida high school student, Daniela Pelaez, a Colombian national who faced deportation before graduating as valedictorian of North Miami High School.

Daniela's fight to stay in the United States, to which she emigrated from Colombia as a 4-year-old, will continue despite the deferral handed down by the US Department of Homeland Security, but she'll be able to graduate with her class in June and start preparing for college. She has a 6.7 grade point average and wants to attend an Ivy League school in the US.
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