Monday, January 04, 2010

Language classes bridge Sikh generational divide

Many second- and third-generation Sikh immigrants do not know Punjabi and therefore are not able to fully understand or belong to their religion. Classes are starting to help these people, I'm sure these people will find even more benefits in knowing the language, perhaps a career. - - Donna Poisl

There's a lasting link between the 35-character alphabet used to write Punjabi and the Sikh religion.

The Sikh scriptures and the Punjabi language of many Sikhs were written in a script known as Gurmukhi. So to be fully initiated into the religion, you must know how to read it.

That has created a problem for the Sikh community of Livingston. Their children, many of whom speak only English, aren't able to understand the temple's priests -- let alone some of their own family members.
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