Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sweet Land of . . .

Click on the title to read all these immigrants' answers to the question: What do you like about America? - - Donna Poisl

On America's Birthday, Immigrants Count Nation's Blessings -- and Theirs

By Kate Kilpatrick and Ruth McCann, Washington Post Staff Writers

What with the suffocating humidity, near-Biblical rain and dampened economic climate, there may be muted hip-hip-hurrays for the nation's birthday. But as the weekend's fireworks are cued up and patriots swarm the Mall, it's not hard to find denizens of the District who are just plain happy to be in this country.

For so many immigrants, the Fourth of July is as jubilant as the sky is spacious and the grains are amber. So to a random sampling, we posed a single question: What do you like about America?
Click on the headline to read the rest of this story! These immigrants from many countries all give terrific answers.

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