Thursday, May 30, 2013

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from Ben Johnson, Mary Giovagnoli & Wendy Feliz

As Congress and the public debate the best way forward on immigration reform, we're hosting our own conversations:

The Congressional Budget Office will soon issue a cost/benefit analysis on the Senate immigration bill. How do you think we should assess the costs vs. benefits of immigration reform?
The Senate bill, as well as a range of state measures, attempt to level the playing field for young immigrants who want to pursue higher education. Can we afford not to offer kids on the path to citizenship a fair shot at a college education?

Studies show immigrants tend to be more entrepreneurial than natives. Is the act of migrating in itself an entrepreneurial act? How does the U.S. benefit from immigrant entrepreneurship?
Join the conversation and engage with other advocates, academics, attorneys, and interested individuals. Visit and join one (or more) of the conversations.

We look forward to reading your ideas!

Ben Johnson, Mary Giovagnoli & Wendy Feliz

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