Thursday, February 16, 2012

Immigration from China surges in Iowa

This surge in students in Iowa universities has also prompted many Iowa students to go to China and study there. This is an excellent way for cultures to learn about each other, it will save a lot of troubles in the future. - - Donna Poisl


AMES, IA. — The epicenter of the Chinese immigration wave in Iowa is found on the campuses of the state’s largest universities.

Ziyu Jiang remembers his shock at the sea of Chinese faces in his Finance 301 class at Iowa State University. About 20 of the 30 seats were filled by students like him.

Jiang, 23, arrived on campus four years ago in the midst of a nationwide enrollment boom fueled by China’s burgeoning middle class, a product of that country’s hard-charging economy. By last fall, the number of undergraduate Chinese students at ISU had rocketed to more than 1,200 — a nearly 2,000 percent increase since 2006. Universities across the country, including the University of Iowa, have reported similar gains.
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