Thursday, July 01, 2010

Send a fax to Congress to suppport immigration reform

from Marissa Graciosa, Reform Immigration FOR America

President Obama spoke to the nation today about immigration. He laid out the ways that our broken system hurts millions of people across this country, and how our nation can’t wait any longer for real reform. The President showed that he understands what this fight is about.

As President Obama said, passing national comprehensive immigration reform is going to take all of us working together. And for too long, Republicans in Congress have been holding up the process. Their unwillingness to even address the issue shows that they’ve ignored real solutions and promoted the politics of fear. But every day that they refuse to act constructively, millions of families suffer.

Tell Republicans in Congress:
We can’t wait any longer for immigration reform. Stop holding up the process and hurting families – work on immigration reform, now.

Click on the headline to send this fax to Republicans in Congress

We need to show the Republican obstructionists that their inaction has had real consequences. Join President Obama in telling Congressional Republicans that the time for obstruction is over.

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