Friday, August 07, 2009

Long-range plan to reach out to Skokie's immigrants

Skokie IL is doing what every city should do, developing plans to integrate immigrants better into their community. When all the residents are working to help the civic life of a community, everyone benefits. - - Donna Poisl


Skokie will develop a long-range immigrant integration plan for its community, one of the final projects to be funded through a three-year grant the village received for immigrant services.

During the last few years, the village has held leadership and citizen police academies for immigrants as well as providing other important services for newly-arrived village residents. The village in 2008 won The Chicago Community Trust Immigrant Integration Grant, which has provided and will provide Skokie with $50,000 from 2008-10.

The Village Board Monday approved paying Millennia Consulting $21,300 to conduct an immigrant integration assessment and then to develop the long-range immigration integration plan for the community.
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