Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Julie Erfle: Immigration reform crusader

This woman, whose police officer husband was killed by an illegal immigrant, is working for immigration reform. She says that reform and understanding are needed, so these deaths can stop. DP

by Casey Newton, The Arizona Republic

A year after her husband's death, Julie Erfle is working to ensure he did not die in vain.

One Thursday in May, amid a heated battle over immigration that had divided Phoenix, she appeared at a press conference urging compassion.

"We need comprehensive immigration reform that puts safety and humanity on an equal footing," Erfle told a room full of journalists, police and city officials. "We cannot have one without the other."

Just eight months earlier, Erfle's husband, Phoenix police Officer Nick Erfle, had been shot and killed by an illegal immigrant.

Nick Erfle's name became a rallying cry among those who believed Phoenix was not doing enough to enforce immigration laws.

And now his widow was advocating understanding.

Erfle, 34, has spent the past year taking the next steps in her effort to bring meaning to her husband's death. In doing so, Erfle says, she has taken steps toward peace.
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