Monday, December 08, 2008

Fargo woman receives national award for work

This program, called Giving+Learning, connects volunteers with immigrants who need help with English. It was started by the woman who very deservedly received the national Purpose Prize, given to “social entrepreneurs”. DP

By Patrick Springer, The Forum

Michele McRae eagerly anticipated the freedoms of retirement and the flexibility it would provide to travel abroad.

She would go to Ireland to visit family and to France and Australia to visit old friends.

But McRae has mostly stayed in Fargo since she retired seven years ago, directing a program called Giving+Learning that matches volunteer mentors with new Americans who need help learning English.

She’s found the work rewarding, helping more than 600 refugees and other immigrants develop English skills that have allowed them to find work, gain citizenship or learn how to drive.

Now, as one of six top recipients of the national Purpose Prize, she’s about to be rewarded in a more tangible way: a $100,000 grant that she plans to use to help expand a program that helps make new lives for new Americans.

The Purpose Prize, now in its third year, rewards “social entrepreneurs” aged 60 and over who are tackling big challenges facing society.

Funding for the prize comes from The Atlantic Philanthropies and the John Templeton Foundation.
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