Monday, August 04, 2014

They understand:  English, citizen classes make a difference

These women, who work in an elementary school, have learned English in a class in the same school and now have passed their citizenship tests too. - - Donna Poisl

By Regina Ford 

Martha Sarabia came to the United States 17 years ago from Mexico and is now a "very proud" U.S. citizen.

Sarabia, 54, has been employed as a custodian at Sopori Elementary School for seven years. Sopori also serves as Sarabia's classroom once a week when volunteer tutor Chris Schorr drops in for a two-hour English class, made possible by the Amado-Sahuarita Adult Learning Program.

"I learn English because maybe 10 years ago, a teacher would say something in English and I don't understand," Sarabia said. "I feel like different person today because I understand."
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