Tuesday, June 04, 2013


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While I was working on yesterday's post " A List of Great iPad Apps for Summer Learning " It dawned on me to curate a list of iPad apps to learn English. Summer is probably the ideal time to train your vocal cords and get them attuned to another linguistic system different than yours. Learning a language is a process that entails a lot of dedication and commitment. However, now with the advance in web technologies and mobile apps, learning a new language has become a less rigorous task and a more enjoyable endeavor.

Besides the plethora of web based tools that helps learners easily learn a new language , there are also a number of great mobile apps that can do the some job or even better. Most of these apps are interactive and cover all the language areas ( grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing ) learners need to master to speak the target language.

See a list of some great iPad apps for learning English.

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Lucy Bell said...

This is a great suggestion. I work for an immigration lawyer in Jacksonville FL and we are always on the hunt for ways to help our clients adjust to American life. We will definitely have to look in to these and tell our clients about them. Thanks for posting.