Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's time to bring Asians and ethnic blocs into the immigration debate

All immigrant groups should be involved in the discussions, not just Hispanics. This columnist is correct. - - Donna Poisl

The nation's Latino-centric immigration narrative excludes many who also have a stake in this debate, writes Esther Cepeda. Prominent among the excluded are the nation's Asian immigrants.

By Esther Cepeda, Syndicated columnist

CHICAGO — If I were a member of the third-largest minority group in the United States, I'd be really frustrated that the immigration issue continues to be discussed almost exclusively with Latin Americans in mind.

As immigrants' rights advocacy groups across the country wonder whether there's even a slim chance Congress will take up debate about comprehensive reform anytime soon, recent national conversations have been set exclusively in the context of the Latino vote and Republican Hispanics.
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