Saturday, October 03, 2009

Learning English A Family Affair

Parents learn English and their children get help with their school courses. This is especially helpful to the high school kids, they fall behind quicker than the younger kids do. - - Donna Poisl

Reported by: Geraldine Cols

JEFFERSON CITY - As our Hispanic Heritage Month series continues, KOMU 8's Geraldine Cols shows that learning a new language can be a family affair.
Veronica, Jessica, Jose Alfredo and Josue are all Hispanic immigrants attending Jefferson City High School. They are part of 71.5 percent of Hispanic students in the English Language Learning program.

"I teach them language skills, I teach them cultural differences and try to shed some light in that," said ELL teacher Melanie Fraga. "But I am also a resource teacher for their other courses."
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doshimaitri said...

Yes it is the real truth that always a language is transfered to us from our parents, it is the parents who teach us the language which they know and which we call as our mother tongue. But it is not so that learning a language is limited to limited languages only. As if my parents are using Gujarati as their mother tongue, but it is they who insist us to learn English immersion so that if we want to go abroad in future , we would not find it difficult to speak of understand english their.