Saturday, September 05, 2009

President Obama Appoints Record Number of Hispanics

Almost 14% of the administration's appointees are Hispanics. Read the whole list at - - Donna Poisl

by Rob

President Obama has appointed more Hispanics to high-level administration positions than any other president in U.S. history this early on.

In the eight months since Inauguration Day, the Senate has confirmed 304 of Obama's high-office nominees, and 43 of them -- or 14 percent -- are Hispanic, according to the Arizona Republic.
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Incognito said...

I'm a born Costa Rican and naturalized American citizen. That's just an ethical perspective of me so you won't read the following statement with a biased perspective. Wouldn't the title "Obama Fires Record Number of Hispanics" be widely accepted as controversial? If so, wouldn't the opposite connotation be considered widely accepted because it's the opposite of "Obama Fires Record Number of Hispanics." I'm simply asking in curiosity, but wouldn't all people see each other in equal light if we were all acknowledged equally as well?