Friday, April 30, 2010

Yes, there are conservatives who want immigration reform

If this editorial is correct, this is good news. Much better than a filibuster. - - Donna Poisl

by William McKenzie/Editorial Columnist

I just got off a conference call put on by Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Juan Hernandez of Fort Worth, a leader of the group, describes it as a "loose coalition" of conservatives who started about a year ago to have a private conversation about immigration reform. Now, Conservatives for CIR is going more public. Hence, it's call today.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was supposed to be on it, but he had a conflict. However, a number of evangelical and business leaders were on the call, including former Bush 43 Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.
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Democrats Outline Plans for Immigration

A new plan has been offered for immigration reform. It seems to me the new laws couldn't happen this year, but maybe it can get started. - - Donna Poisl


WASHINGTON — A coalition of top Senate Democrats laid out the contours of a proposed overhaul of immigration laws on Thursday — and appealed to Republicans to join them in pursuing it — even as doubts mounted about the prospects of winning approval of legislation this year.

Under the outline of immigration changes drawn up by Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, the federal government would enhance border security and create a new fraud-resistant Social Security card.
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Hispanic Business Community Responds to Unveiling of Senate Immigration Reform Proposal


Hispanic Business Community Responds to Unveiling of Senate Immigration Reform Proposal

WASHINGTON, April 30 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- Today, Mr. Javier Palomarez, President & CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the national representative for nearly 3 million Hispanic owned businesses and more than 200 local Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, released the following statement on the unveiling of a Senate framework for immigration reform:
"For many years, the USHCC has been a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reforms that include a path to residency for undocumented immigrants, a temporary worker program for future immigrants and a preservation of the principle of family reunification while also strengthening our ability to attract talented individuals to add to the prosperity of our nation.

"The proposal that was unveiled by the Senate Democratic leadership contains many important elements of comprehensive immigration reform, including many priorities of the business community. This is a good framework for reform, and we look forward to being invited to engage in negotiations on the drafting of the bill. Nevertheless, the USHCC will seek improvements to this legislation for the benefit of the nearly 3 million Hispanic business owners we represent.

"Ultimately, the USHCC praises the policy content of this proposal, but we sincerely hope to see a bipartisan process, full engagement of our business community, and a process that earnestly seeks to achieve the elusive goal of comprehensive immigration reform."

About the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Founded in 1979, the USHCC actively promotes the economic growth and development of Hispanic entrepreneurs and represents the interests of nearly 3 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States that generate nearly $400 billion annually. It also serves as the umbrella organization for more than 200 local Hispanic chambers in the United States and Puerto Rico.
SOURCE United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
-0- 04/30/2010
/CONTACT: DeVere Kutscher of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, +1-202-715-0497, /

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Legalization must be part of immigration reform

This opinion piece talks about how assimilation of all immigrants is important to them, and to the country. - - Donna Poisl

A path to citizenship for those already here illegally is crucial.

Tomás R. Jiménez

Opponents of comprehensive immigration reform argue that legalization rewards bad behavior. They contend that illegal immigration is a crime that merits punishment and expulsion, not amnesty. The logic is that if we respond with tough enforcement, illegal immigrants will finally get that they aren't welcome here and go back to their home countries. This kind of reasoning is what's behind laws like the one recently passed in Arizona, which requires law enforcement personnel to determine whenever possible the immigration status of suspected illegal immigrants.

But immigrants aren't going home. We know this from experience. Despite high-profile raids, beefed-up border enforcement and the worst economy since the Depression, the size of the illegal immigrant population has declined by only a small fraction.
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Vietnamese Immigrants Carry on a Cajun Food Tradition

This immigrant family is combining the sauces and spices from their homeland with the seafood and culture of Louisiana Cajuns at his restaurant in Atlanta. Read this whole story, a perfect example of how immigrants make America what it is today. - - Donna Poisl


ATLANTA--HIEU PHAM serves about a ton of Louisiana crayfish each week here at the Crawfish Shack Seafood, boiling them in a slurry of commercial seasoning mix, garlic cloves, orange wedges and lemon grass stalks.

Cast nets hang from the acoustical-tile ceiling of the strip-mall restaurant, located behind his father’s auto-repair shop along a multiethnic corridor north of downtown. Cans of Café Du Monde coffee sit by the register, and Louis Armstrong plays in heavy rotation.
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How Arizona's law will hurt America: Mayor Michael Bloomberg assails the new immigration statute

Mayor Bloomberg recognizes how much damage the new law in Arizona can do to that state and hopes it will not affect the whole country. It certainly hurts the country's reputation. - - Donna Poisl


A new Arizona law requiring local police officers to stop anyone they might reasonably suspect of being here illegally may produce unintended consequences that could hurt not only Arizona, but all of America.

The law is so vaguely written that it may force officers to stop people who look or dress differently - or who speak a foreign language, or English with an accent.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stand up for immigration reform on Saturday

From Gabe Gonzalez, Reform Immigration FOR America

Last Friday, Governor Jan Brewer signed a law that legalizes racial profiling in Arizona. Police can stop anyone they “reasonably” suspect is an immigrant, and demand that they prove their citizenship on the spot or face arrest. Of course, that “reasonable” suspicion is anything but. The new law is based in hatred and fear, and it doesn’t belong in any state in America.

That’s why what’s happening this Saturday is so important. On May 1st, tens of thousands of people in dozens of cities will stand up for what’s right at rallies all across the country. We’re going to show our elected leaders that the only way to stop hateful laws like the one in Arizona from taking root elsewhere is comprehensive immigration reform on the national level. Our leaders have spoken for us; it’s past time that they stood up with us.

Find an event on May 1st by clicking on the headline.

Our broken immigration system hurts families and communities everywhere. Our leaders in Congress and the White House know that. But time and time again, they’ve pushed us to the back burner, leaving millions of people living in fear, and the events in Arizona serve to illustrate the cost of further delay. On May 1st, we’re going to show the world that we won’t wait any longer.

Thank you,
Gabe Gonzalez
Reform Immigration FOR America

p.s. Already planning to attend an event on May 1? Tell us about it on Facebook!

Lawsuits expected over Ariz. illegal immigrant law

Courts are going to be busy with all the lawsuits that are being planned. Each state can't have its own laws about this, no one would know where they could live or travel. This law will NOT only affect people here illegally. - - Donna Poisl


PHOENIX — The debate over Arizona's new illegal immigrant law will likely move from protest lines and talk shows to the courtroom, where a judge could be asked to decide whether the state can enforce laws that until now had been the federal government's exclusive domain.

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the bill on Friday, said Arizona must act because Washington has failed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Immigration reform must include encouraging economic justice through foreign policy

This piece talks about the need for Mexico and Central America to create jobs and a middle class in their own countries. - - Donna Poisl


By Tracy Emblem

Although the federal government is responsible for immigration policy, Arizona recently passed its own radical state immigration bill moving the national debate from the back burner. We are increasingly hearing angry emotional sound bites like "illegal immigrants" and phrases like "they’re breaking the law" to frame the debate of a very complex human and economic issue.

Americans must be honest about the cause of the problem. The truth is we have tolerated a sub-society living in "shadow" communities working for substandard wages, living in substandard housing, and when injured on the job, refused medical care all so we can have inexpensive goods and services.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recent Immigrants More Trusting Of U.S. Government

The Pew Research Center's new study of recent immigrants has found that most of them trust the government, maybe it is in comparison to the one they left. - - Donna Poisl


Huntington Park, Calif., is puro Mexicano; nearly 100 percent of the people living here are Mexican immigrants. On the main drag in this community east of Los Angeles, you can buy cowboy sombreros and discount quinceanera dresses for Sweet 15 parties.

And at one popular Oaxacan restaurant, you can order specialties like cemitas (Puebla-style sandwiches), clayudas (Oaxacan pizza/tostadas) and cheladas (spicy beer cocktails rimmed with chile salt and ground agave worms).
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Opinion: Ruben Navarrette Jr.: Poizner, Whitman may regret their stance on immigration

This writer always has interesting opinions, this one is about California politics, talk radio and immigration. - - Donna Poisl

By Ruben Navarrette Jr., San Diego Union-Tribune

SAN DIEGO — When the talk turns to immigration, Eric Hogue is an anomaly — a conservative radio host who won't feed his audience red meat. Instead, he has put his listeners on a strict diet of honesty, compassion and common sense.

The Sacramento-based talker is no squishy moderate. You'll find him at tea party rallies, and he uses the S-word (socialism) to describe President Barack Obama's agenda. Yet, on immigration, Hogue battles listeners because he doesn't dabble in simple solutions, name-calling or nativism.
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Documentary creators want to hear from Portuguese immigrants

Portuguese immigrants are being inverviewed for a documentary. The contact info is in this report, click on the headline. - - Donna Poisl

By Grant Welker, Herald News Staff Reporter

DARTMOUTH — Creators of a documentary about Azorean and Portuguese culture are looking for natives from those areas to tell their stories about why they moved to the United States and their experiences here.

The documentary, called "Ilha De Meus Sonhos," or "Island of My Dreams," will be produced by Ricardo Rebelo, who teaches TV and film courses at Bristol Community College.
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Obama: U.S. 'a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws;' blasts Arizona law

President Obama talked about immigration reform and the new Arizona law during the swearing-in ceremony for 24 new citizens, all U.S. military members. - - Donna Poisl

Posted by David Jackson

Saying the United States "must remain a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws," President Obama called today for changes to a "broken" immigration system and condemned a new Arizona law requiring migrants to carry documentation.

"Our failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others," Obama said during a naturalization ceremony for two dozen new U.S. citizens, all of them members of the military.
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Not in my state: Anti-immigration law doesn't reflect the beliefs of Arizona's people

The Mayor of Phoenix has written a good piece, telling how most of the people in Arizona feel about this new law. - - Donna Poisl

By Phil Gordon

As an immigration bill that nationally embarrasses Arizona becomes bad law, our best hope in my hometown is that the rest of America doesn't do to Arizona what Senate Bill 1070 requires our police officers to do to people with brown skin: "profile" them based on stereotypes and insufficient information.

Arizona is not a state seething with hatred, eager to trample the civil rights of residents in haphazard pursuit of illegal immigrants. Nor are most Arizonans bigots eager to drag our state back to the 1980s, when Gov. Evan Mecham's absurd behavior made our home a national laughingstock.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bilingual Volunteers Needed for Earth Day’s National Day of Service

CHCI (Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute) Announcement: Bilingual Volunteers Needed for Earth Day’s National Day of Service

CHCI is proud to partner with the Earth Day Network to help raise awareness about climate change and request climate change legislation reform from our local leaders.

Please join the Earth Day Network and other advocacy organizations on the National Mall, Washington, D.C., April 25, 2010, from 11:00am – 7:00pm, to celebrate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary with a day of service. Millions will gather on the nation’s lawn for a cultural eco-friendly event with performances by Willie Colón, Sting, John Legend, The Roots, Joss Stone, Bob Weir, Patrick Stump, Mavis Staples, Passion Pit, Q-Tip, Booker T, and many more.

The Earth Day Network is looking for volunteers for its Latino Outreach Team to help provide bilingual resources and volunteers to interact with visitors and provide information about the importance of environmental awareness for the Latino community. Please contact Sara Valenzuela, Earth Day Network, Latino Outreach at 210-379-9376 or

To learn more about Earth Day and advocacy projects around the world, visit

Program helps companies avoid hiring illegal immigrants

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a new program to help companies find out if they have any undocumented workers on their payroll and to make sure they don't hire any. - - Donna Poisl


When federal agents asked Tampa Electric Co. to sign up for a program that helps companies ensure they're not hiring illegal immigrants, one TECO manager hesitated.

"It's a voluntary program," said Jeannie McCall, recruitment and staffing manager. "As a company, you're thinking, 'Why do I need to volunteer for something that the government audits on?' It's, 'We're the government, trust us.' "
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Immigrants, supporters await reform with hope, fear

We are all hoping for immigration reform, the new Arizona law may force the issue. - - Donna Poisl

By SARA CASTELLANOS, The Aurora Sentinel

AURORA | Immigration reform became a personal crusade for Sofia when her son dropped out of high school in 2008 because it was futile to graduate when there wasn’t a chance of getting into college without citizenship papers.

Sofia, who did not want to use her actual name because she is in the country illegally, has lived in Colorado since 1997 and has been trying to obtain status as a legal citizen — which would also naturalize her children — for eight years. But government officials told her she could be waiting for her papers until 2017.
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Ariz. governor signs immigration enforcement bill

Our Governor says the law she signed will not encourage racial profiling, but I am sure this will happen. Let's hope this forces the federal government to get working now on immigration reform. - - Donna Poisl


PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer ignored criticism from President Barack Obama on Friday and signed into law a bill supporters said would take handcuffs off police in dealing with illegal immigration in Arizona, the nation's busiest gateway for human and drug smuggling from Mexico.

With hundreds of protesters outside the state Capitol shouting that the bill would lead to civil rights abuses, Brewer said critics were "overreacting" and that she wouldn't tolerate racial profiling.
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House Hispanic Leaders Ask Obama to Block Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill

This new law may force both political parties to do something about it, maybe immigration reform will be the answer. - - Donna Poisl

by Abby Sewell

WASHINGTON - Hispanic leaders in the House of Representatives on Tuesday called on President Barack Obama to act against Arizona's controversial illegal immigration legislation and to throw his weight behind a comprehensive immigration overhaul.

Reps. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., demanded a halt to the bill that passed Arizona's Senate Monday. The state's House of Representatives passed it last week. If Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs it into law, the bill would require immigrants to carry alien registration cards with them at all times and police to check people's immigration status whenever there's "reasonable suspicion" that they are in the country illegally.
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Education Secretary Ponders How to Keep Hispanics in College

The educational system has to be improved so that Hispanics and other minorities have a better chance of graduating high school and entering and completing college. - - Donna Poisl

by Danny Yadron

WASHINGTON - Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said Monday that he wanted his department to help cut dropout rates and boost college enrollment for Hispanics.

The push for scholastic equality comes as President Barack Obama tries to improve the nation's educational system so that by 2020 the U.S. leads the world with its percentage of college graduates, as Duncan reiterated at a gathering of Hispanic college administrators. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that a quarter of the country's children younger than 5 are Hispanic.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano today. Go to the website and read the letter, asking her to halt deportations of immigrant students who could earn legal status under the DREAM Act.

Click on the headline to read the letter!

HIAS To Governor Brewer: Veto Immigration Bill; "Bill Would Force All Arizonans To Live Under A Cloud Of Suspicion And Fear"

Posted by Genever McBain

(New York, NY) – HIAS, the international migration agency of the American Jewish community, strongly opposes the Immigration; Law Enforcement; Safe Neighborhoods Act, SB 1070, currently before the Arizona legislature, and today urged Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill when it reaches her desk.

According to Gideon Aronoff, President & CEO of HIAS, “If passed, this pending legislation would do more harm than good. The Jewish community has long called on our national leaders to reform our immigration laws to ‘welcome the stranger’ and to create an effective federal immigration system characterized by the rule of law and the humane treatment of newcomers.

“Yet if SB 1070 becomes law, it would create tremendous hardships for both law enforcement authorities and Arizona residents by making state and local law enforcement officers’ jobs nearly impossible, and by forcing all Arizonans – U. S. citizens, legal immigrants, and undocumented immigrants – to live under a cloud of suspicion and fear.”

“Among the more egregious elements of the bill is the authorization for police to impound vehicles transporting anyone found to be an undocumented immigrant. Potentially, driving to Sunday school could become an illegal activity. If Arizona passes such legislation, it will take itself out of the mainstream of American life and betray the proud history of a nation built by immigrants.”

Inaction on immigration reform a travesty

This piece tells the recent history of immigration legislation in this country and points out that without a new reform package, more states will do what Arizona is doing. - - Donna Poisl

By Julian Zelizer, Special to CNN

(CNN) -- Republicans and Democrats in Congress seem to have found one issue on which they agree. Neither party wants to get near immigration reform, the new "third rail" in American politics -- an issue so politically charged that politicians risk their careers by touching it.

Since Congress failed to reach agreement on legislation in 2006 that would have offered undocumented immigrants amnesty and a path toward naturalization, both parties have kept as far away from this issue as they did from health care after President Clinton's reform went down to defeat in 1994.
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Illinois Democrat Pressures Obama to Tackle Immigration Legislation

I hope immigration reform can be worked on this year, but I really wonder how they could fit it in. - - Donna Poisl


Forget the Tea Parties. President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress have another rebellion on their hands -- led by a fellow Democrat from Obama's home state.

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez is turning up the volume on his already piercing criticism of the Obama administration for failing to tackle immigration reform and is now threatening to rally Hispanics to stay home on Election Day.
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Local and national groups plan march for immigration reform

Immigrant groups plan a march and vigil in St. Louis on May 1st. - - Donna Poisl

Federal plans could derail Rupp's state initiatives

By Eric Becker

Four years after the last attempt to overhaul the nation's immigration policies failed, local reform leaders are partnering with national and state groups May 1 in an attempt to propel immigration reform to the front of public consciousness.

At the same time, current proposals in the U.S. Congress could invalidate provisions of a state crackdown on illegal immigration led by Wentzville Sen. Scott Rupp since 2008.
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McCain voices support for immigrant trespassing bill

Sen. McCain has changed his stand on immigration and supports this new bill. - - Donna Poisl


U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., voiced support Monday for a controversial state bill requiring Arizona police to arrest illegal immigrants for trespassing, forcing immigrants to carry work documents and making it a crime to transport illegal immigrants including day laborers.

The Arizona Senate is voting on Senate Bill 1070 Monday.

“I think it’s a good tool,” McCain said during a conference call with reporters when asked about the bill. “It’s a tool that needs to be used.”
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Cardinal Mahony criticizes Arizona immigration bill

The Governor has until Sat. night to decide, let's hope she listens to people like Cardinal Mahony. - - Donna Poisl

Head of L.A.’s Catholic archdiocese likens the bill to techniques used by Nazis and Communists.

By Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony lambasted legislation passed Monday by Arizona lawmakers that would crack down on illegal immigrants, likening it to "German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques" that compelled people to turn each other in.

"The Arizona legislature just passed the country's most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law," he wrote on his blog. "The tragedy of the law is its totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources. That is not only false, the premise is nonsense."
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The Latino Coalition Economic Summit's Business Matchmaking Session


Stellar Roster of Government Agencies and Corporate Procurement Representatives Again on Board for The Latino Coalition Economic Summit's Business Matchmaking Session

WASHINGTON, April 22 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- Building on the success of last year's event, The Latino Coalition (TLC) today announced its list of confirmed government agencies and corporate procurement officers who will be on hand for the business matchmaking session that in 2009 garnered more than 300 one-on-one appointments between contracting officers and Latino entrepreneurs from across the nation.
In its ongoing work to bring more government contract opportunities to Hispanic small business owners, The Latino Coalition has helped to facilitate over 75,000 appointments that have generated an estimated $8 billion in contracts, through its sponsorship of national and regional business matchmaking events. "Business matchmaking is truly at the heart of what the Economic Summit is about and one of the key benefits The Latino Coalition brings to its members," noted Hector V. Barreto, TLC's Chairman and Former Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (2001-2006). "There's still time, and we expect additional agencies and corporations in the coming days, but we are getting close to our deadline. We encourage Latino entrepreneurs from across the country to register and join us in Washington, DC this coming May 4th and 5th," he added.

Among the list of confirmed corporate and government procurement participants are:

USAID U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department for Homeland Security NASA
U.S. Department of Agriculture Clark Construction
PG&E Hewlett Packard

Chairing this year's business matchmaking session will be Daniel F. Sturdivant II, Assistant Director for Outreach, U.S. Department for Homeland Security, who will also serve as moderator during the "How to do Business with the Government" panel that is also part of this two-day Summit. Another key part of the Summit are the legislative briefings, in which elected officials will inform attendees with the latest developments on legislation that affects their companies.
"As a small business owner, I need to know the issues impacting me and I need to meet the legislators who are working on my behalf, but, most importantly, I need the opportunities to earn contracts. The Latino Coalition has the right mix," said Richard Gomez, an entrepreneur and owner of Total Corporate Solutions in Los Angeles.
For details on how to register for The Latino Coalition's Washington, D.C., procurement event, visit:

About the Latino Coalition
The Latino Coalition (TLC) was founded in 1995 by a group of Hispanic business owners from across the country to research and develop policies relevant to Latinos. TLC is a non-profit nationwide organization based in CA, with offices in Washington, DC and Guadalajara, Mexico. TLC was established to address policy issues that directly affect the well-being of Hispanics in the United States. TLC's agenda is to develop initiatives and partnerships that will foster economic equivalency and enhance overall business, economic and social development of Latinos. Visit:

SOURCE The Latino Coalition
-0- 04/22/2010
/CONTACT: Allen Gutierrez of The Latino Coalition, +1-949-546-0476,; or Gustavo A. Bujanda of The Axis Agency, +1-469-375-0288, /

Monday, April 19, 2010

Census reaches out to Detroit area Muslims

Immigrants are hearing about returning the Census forms from their religious leaders. They will often listen to them when they are reluctant to follow government advice. - - Donna Poisl

Catherine Jun / The Detroit News

Dearborn -- At the close of a recent afternoon prayer, Muslim congregants filing out of a mosque on Outer Drive were instructed to do more than go in peace: Return their census forms.

"I remind you if you have not yet, return it," Imam Mohammad Mardini told about 500 congregants leaving the American Muslim Center on Friday. "It's our duty upon each and every one of us to return the forms."

After nine years of scrutiny post-Sept. 11, some American Muslims have become wary of the federal government, and census officials have been working with Metro Detroit mosques to ensure that people return their census forms.
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NEWS: National Survey of Undocumented Immigrants Points to Big Turn Out in 2010 Census

This is very encouraging, these people want to be counted and think this will help get immigration reform happening sooner. Read the whole story to see national and city comparisons. Very interesting. - - Donna Poisl


SAN ANTONIO, TX – (RBB), a news and commentary website aiming to increase multicultural perspectives in mainstream media – in conjunction with Interlex Communications, a Top 25 Hispanic-owned advertising agency – has released important data pointing to a potentially unprecedented turnout in 2010 Census participation by undocumented Latino immigrants.

With 1100 undocumented immigrants interviewed in six cities – New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Miami and Washington, DC – 76 percent of all respondents said they would participate in the 2010 Census.
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No more promises - March for America

from Gabe Gonzalez, Reform Immigration FOR America

Are you as tired of promises as I am?

Our leaders have told us time and again that they’re making immigration reform a priority. They know as well as we do that our entire country suffers under the current broken system. Families and communities are torn apart by raids, fear, and hatred. And we’re not going to let that happen any longer.

On May 1st, thousands of people across the country will attend rallies and marches in their communities, proving once and for all that we won’t wait any longer for comprehensive immigration reform. All of us will stand together to show the world that this country needs to fix our broken system now.

Stand up with us – find a May 1st event near you.

President Obama and Congress have not delivered the reform America needs. The longer they wait to act on immigration reform, the more people suffer, and the more the American dream is deferred for millions of people. We’re marching on May 1st to show the world that we’re not going to let our leaders keep dragging their feet. Please join me in marching for immigration reform on May 1 – together, we’ll make a difference!

Thank you,
Gabe Gonzalez
Reform Immigration FOR America

p.s. We’re adding more marches every day – if there’s not a march near you yet, keep checking back, or start your own!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Metro-east group is praying for immigration reform

Members of this organization, from 26 churches, are working for immigration reform with weekly prayer meetings. - - Donna Poisl

Faith-based group gathers weekly to advocate reform


They are your coworkers and your children's classmates, and they are churchgoers.

On behalf of illegal immigrants, a metro-east faith-based organization has been meeting weekly to pray that lawmakers will pass immigration reform legislation this year.

The United Congregations of Metro-East, an organization of about 26 churches, said they are speaking on behalf of immigrants who can't identify themselves.
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Casa de Salud opens to help Hispanic immigrants

This community center is helping immigrants find all the services they need to live in this country successfully. Every city should have at least one center like this one. - - Donna Poisl

from St. Louis Business Journal

Casa de Salud, a new community health and wellness center for uninsured and underinsured Hispanic immigrants, celebrated a grand opening Friday on Saint Louis University’s health campus.

Casa’s medical clinic, at the corner of Chouteau and Compton avenues, is staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners to provide episodic care for non-acute injuries and illnesses. It also assists patients in connecting with existing care providers, such as the region’s community health centers, for ongoing care.
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Brown will meet with immigrants’ advocate

Immigrants lost a strong advocate when Sen. Kennedy died, maybe Sen. Brown will help get some of his side involved. - - Donna Poisl

Group hopes students’ stories will sway him

By Maria Sacchetti

Senator Scott Brown has agreed to meet with a representative of a group pushing for legal residency for unauthorized immigrant students, his spokeswoman said yesterday.

Group members say that while they will not immediately ask Brown to take a position on immigration, they hope students’ stories will influence his thinking on the matter.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

See photos of fax delivery for immigration reform

From Gabe Gonzalez, Reform Immigration FOR America

On Wednesday, I asked you to send Senator Hutchison of Texas a blank tax form, to represent the billions of dollars in tax revenue that could be generated by legalizing the 12,000,000 undocumented immigrants living in America today. Well, you and your fellow immigration reformers responded overwhelmingly – in just a day, we had more than ten thousand forms printed out to deliver!

Check out photos of our delivery to the Capitol yesterday by clicking on the headline above

Your activism is going to make the difference in this campaign. Senator Hutchison could be a key vote for reform, and the tax forms you sent her made it clear: the cost of doing nothing is much too high. Thank you again for your action, and keep it up – the momentum is on our side!

Gabe Gonzalez
Reform Immigration FOR America

p.s. On Monday, we’ll announce the next big action in our campaign – marches across the country on May 1st! As one of our best activists, I wanted to give you a special sneak peak – go to
to see where we’ve already started planning events.

Work Force Fueled by Highly Skilled Immigrants

Even though many people think most immigrants to this country are low-skilled and low-wage, this study proves the opposite. - - Donna Poisl


ST. LOUIS — After a career as a corporate executive with her name in brass on the office door, Amparo Kollman-Moore, an immigrant from Colombia, likes to drive a Jaguar and shop at Saks. “It was a good life,” she said, “a really good ride.”

As a member of this city’s economic elite, Ms. Kollman-Moore is not unusual among immigrants who live in St. Louis. According to a new analysis of census data, more than half of the working immigrants in this metropolitan area hold higher-paying white-collar jobs — as professionals, technicians or administrators — rather than lower-paying blue-collar and service jobs.
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Last Day to Mail Back 2010 Census Forms


Residents Urged to Act Today or Risk Visit from Census Workers in May

WASHINGTON, April 16 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- Today marks the last day for residents across America to mail back their 2010 Census questionnaires. Households that return their forms after April 16 will likely be visited by census workers when they begin May 1 going door to door to collect census responses.
Residents are encouraged to mail back their 2010 Census forms today. Those who wait to mail back their forms should expect to be visited by census workers, who will visit homes in person to ensure an accurate count of every person living in the United States. Census takers, who are members of the community in which they are working, will visit a household up to six times, each time leaving a door hanger featuring a phone number. Residents can call the number on the hanger to schedule a visit and be counted.
"Now's the time to clear off your kitchen table and stick that form in the mail," U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves said. "Residents who fail to mail back their forms today should be prepared to get a knock on their doors in May and July."
Nationwide, about 68 percent of households have mailed back their census forms. In 2000, the mail participation rate was 72 percent.

The 2010 Census is a count of everyone living in the United States and is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Census data are used to apportion congressional seats to states, to distribute more than $400 billion in federal funds to tribal, state and local governments each year and to make decisions about what community services to provide. The 2010 Census form is one of the shortest in U.S. history, consisting of 10 questions, taking about 10 minutes to complete. Strict confidentiality laws protect the respondents and the information they provide.

Editor's note: News releases, reports and data tables are available on the Census Bureau's home page. Go to and click on "Releases."

Public Information Office

SOURCE U.S. Census Bureau
-0- 04/16/2010
/CONTACT: U.S. Census Bureau Public Information Office, +1-301-763-3691, /

Thursday, April 15, 2010

POWER Act will protect immigrant workers

The "Protect Our Workers from Exploitation and Retaliation" (POWER) Act was introduced by Sen. Menendez this week. The POWER Act will add labor protections for immigrant workers and protection against employer retaliation.

This will protect workers and employers and benefit everyone else, too.
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Faith Conference on Immigration Reform in NYC

from Fordham University

The Faith and Public Policy Roundtable will hold a conference on immigration reform from faith perspectives featuring as panelists leading New York religious leaders Rabbi Michael Paley, Scholar in Residence and Director of the Jewish Resource Center at UJA-Federation of New York, Bishop Robert Rimbo of the Metropolitan New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York.

The conference will be held on Wednesday, April 21, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., in Ceremonial Hall at the Society for Ethical Culture, 2 W. 64th Street. Admission is free.

Contact: Rabbi Abe Unger
(212) 947-4770
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

California Earthquakes And The Immigrants That Run Outside

People working with immigrants in California should show this full article to their people. They have to follow the new approved methods, not the habits they bring from their old countries. Very interesting, it may save lives. - - Donna Poisl

By Dolores M. Bernal, NEWS JUNKIE POST

More than 1,000 earthquakes have shaken Southern California so far this year. The bulk of those quakes came after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook Southern California on April 4. The epicenter was 40 miles south of Calexico, California, (in Baja California) but the jolt was felt all the way up to Santa Barbara, 95 miles north of Los Angeles.

Many of the immigrants living in Westlake come from countries in the Pacific Ring of Fire — the seismic 40,000 kilometer horseshoe that has hundreds of active volcanoes and a history for violent earthquake activity. These immigrants only know one thing when a earthquake strikes: run outside, which in California is the biggest no-no.
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Crews Helping Immigrants Fill Out Census Forms

Bilingual U.S. Census workers are helping immigrants in their area with the Census form and reassuring them that their legal status is not asked. - - Donna Poisl

U.S. Census Bureau: Immigrants Under-Represented In Census

PORTLAND MAINE: U.S. Census workers in Portland reached out Monday to an under-represented portion of the population: Immigrants.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, immigrants have been under-represented when it comes to the count. Workers canvassed the city Monday in hopes of encouraging immigrants to complete and send the forms back by the May 1 deadline.
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IRS reaches out to immigrants

People who are supposed to pay taxes but are not eligible for SS numbers (including undocumented workers) can get an ITIN from the IRS. Legal status is not asked. - - Donna Poisl

Offers tax ID numbers for those who lack Social Security number

Stephen Wall, Staff Writer

As Tax Day approaches, more and more illegal immigrants are coming out of the shadows and filing tax returns.

Undocumented workers are doing so to show the government they are hardworking contributors to society who are worthy of legal residency and citizenship if immigration reform becomes a reality.

The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is used by the IRS to help people pay taxes even if they don't have a Social Security number.
The ITIN was created by the IRS in 1996.
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Veto SB 1070: Real Immigration Reform Not Racial Profiling!

from Adam Luna, America's Voice

Imagine every cop in the state being forced to act like Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- or risk getting sued.

That's what a new bill, which could be signed into law in just a matter of days, would do! It would force cops to interrogate -- even jail -- people based on whether or not they "look" like they have their papers in order.

Please write Governor Brewer and ask her to veto this horrifying bill now:

Really, who judges what an undocumented immigrant looks like? Do I look undocumented just because I have brown skin, eat guacamole, and listen to Carlos Santana? Do you?

I'm sorry, but that's called racial profiling. That's discrimination, period. We have a chance to stop it, but only if we raise our voices now.

This bill would push undocumented immigrants deeper into the shadows and make our communities less safe as victims and community members become more unwilling to report crime. Today, too many Arizonans are afraid to call 911 because of the tactics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others like him. S.B. 1070 would make this problem even worse.

The L.A. Times reported yesterday that the Arizona ACLU fears this could easily be used to racially profile U.S. citizens who simply "have an accent" and "leave their wallet at home."

Tell Governor Brewer to veto this awful, un-American bill:

Thanks for raising your voice to stop this madness.

Adam Luna
America's Voice

Immigration Rally in Seattle Draws Many Asians

Asians are very concerned about immigration reform. Many people only think of Hispanics as wanting reform, but there are immigrants from all over the world who are fighting for reform NOW. - - Donna Poisl

from New America Media/ UW News Lab , News Report, Ashleen Aguilar10

SEATTLE -- Thousands of activists gathered in downtown Seattle April 10 to rally for comprehensive immigration reform. The Washington Immigration Reform Coalition (WIRC) For America, a collection of more than 60 human rights groups statewide, hosted the event in Pioneer Square as a part of the National Day of Action. Asian leaders played a key role in the demonstration.

“This rally is about demanding immigration reform legislation at the federal level by April 30,” said Pramila Jayapal, executive director of OneAmerica, one of the largest immigrant rights groups in the state. “President [Barack] Obama promised during his campaign that he would enact comprehensive immigration reform legislation in his first year, and it’s now well past that time and he hasn’t done it.”
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Losing $188,227 every hour, send fax today for immigration reform

from Gabe Gonzalez, Reform Immigration FOR America

Tomorrow is tax day in America, but we’re leaving millions of dollars on the table by stalling on legalization. That revenue adds up: a report from the Immigration Policy Center and the Center for American Progress found that legalization of undocumented immigrants would generate between $4.5 billion and $5.4 billion in tax revenues over three years.

That’s $1,650,000,000 every year
It’s $4,517,453.80 every day
It’s $188,227 every hour
It’s $52.29 every second, that we could be generating in tax income. That money could fund infrastructure and public services – but until Congress acts, we’ll be leaving money on the table that could help our communities.

Let’s show Congress how big an impact immigrants could have on our economy if we’d let them come out of the shadows. Click headline to send a blank tax form representing the taxes that undocumented immigrants could be paying this year.

Send a blank tax form:

We’ll be delivering the tax forms to Senator Hutchison’s office tomorrow – now that she’s announced that she’ll be finishing her Senate term, we think that Senator Hutchison will be an important voice in the fight for reform. It’s time to deliver her a strong message: these tax forms could have been sent to the IRS and state governments, along with millions in tax revenue, but instead, they’re blank because we haven’t passed the reform we need yet.

We’ll be delivering these forms tomorrow, so make sure you sign up to send a blank form today!

Thank you,
Gabe Gonzalez
Reform Immigration FOR America

p.s. We’re not sending any of your personal information to anyone – just a blank tax form! Please sign up to send a tax form to Senator Hutchison today!

Monday, April 12, 2010

English classes can’t meet demand

The story is the same all over the country: not enough classes to teach all the immigrants who need English lessons. They need English to get a job and can't find classes that are not full. - - Donna Poisl

Iraqi refugees struggle to find necessary lessons


EAST COUNTY — The hundreds of Iraqis arriving in San Diego County each month face a frustrating problem as they try to create a future here.

They need to learn English to get a job and to keep their welfare benefits until they find work, but English classes have been overwhelmed and unable to provide spaces for many.
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Between the Lines: Does Northeast Ohio need an immigrant welcome center?

Most cities could use an immigrant welcome center, it is such a help to them. A healthy immigrant community is good for the city. - - Donna Poisl

by Tom Beres

CLEVELAND -- There's a push underway in Cleveland to boost the region's sagging economy and population by creating an immigrant welcome center.

Philadelphia, Boston and Indianapolis already have centers that connect immigrants with schools, housing, programs and jobs.
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A leading voice in the Catholic Church

An interesting piece about the new archbishop of Los Angeles. - - Donna Poisl

As a bishop in Colorado and Texas, Jose Gomez did not hesitate to use his pulpit as a platform for both social justice and raw politics -- causing, on occasion, considerable strife.

By Scott Gold and Jessica Garrison and Louis Sahagun

In San Antonio, the Catholic Church has long been a political force, often providing a voice to poor neighborhoods that can feel like an entirely different metropolis from the upscale communities in the north end of town.

"It's like you need a passport to go from one side to the other," said Father Virgil Elizondo, a San Antonio vicar.
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Opinion: Amnesty isn't the problem, it's our immigration limits

This opinion piece gives some suggestions for the immigration problems. Very interesting. - - Donna Poisl

By Alex Nowrasteh, Special to the Mercury News

With the passing of health care reform, immigration is in the news again — and for good reason. Even with a recession, financial crisis, incompetent government, Islamic terrorism and traffic, America is still a great place to live. That's why millions of immigrants seek to make a better life here.

But instead of welcoming the tired, poor and industrious masses, Uncle Sam offers a Byzantine legal path to immigration that excludes virtually all low-skilled workers. Illegal immigration exists because legal immigration is practically impossible.
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Immigration reform can't wait till next year

These two politicians both think immigration reform is urgent, but have different timetables. One says 2010, the other says next year. - - Donna Poisl


Call it a tale of two politicians. One, Dick Durbin, is a senator, and the other, Luis Gutiérrez, is a congressman. Like President Obama, both are Democrats from Illinois who support immigration reform. But that's where the similarities end.
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From Senate Majority Leader, a Promise to Take Up Immigration Overhaul

Sen. Reid says we have to have immigration reform this year and it can't wait. This will be wonderful if he is right, but it seems like a very big battle right after health care. - - Donna Poisl


The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, told an exuberant crowd at an immigration rally Saturday in Las Vegas that Congress would start work on an immigration overhaul as soon as lawmakers return this week from a recess.

“We’re going to come back, we’re going to have comprehensive immigration reform now,” he said in a speech to more than 6,000 people, mostly immigrants, gathered downtown.
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The Visionary: How Maria Tukeva helps immigrants succeed in D.C. schools

This school, on a new campus, has a 90% rate of seniors being accepted to college. It started out as a program in 1981 for troubled immigrant high school students and is now a model for other cities. All this time with the same Principal. - - Donna Poisl

By V. Dion Haynes

To the nervous high school senior presenting her research project in the school library, this feels like an "American Idol" moment, and Principal Maria Tukeva is the judge she most wants to impress.

The student, Lizbeth Macias, 17, rattles off data about the slave roots of Georgetown's Mount Zion Cemetery and laments all the ways it has fallen into disrepair. She tells the judges she even volunteered as a tour guide at the historic site and shared her knowledge with visitors for the class project. But not even a quarter into her talk, Macias loses her composure.
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Friday, April 09, 2010

Reassuring words for immigrants about the census

Groups that work with immigrants are assuring them that filling in the Census form is safe and right. - - Donna Poisl

By Michael Matza, Inquirer Staff Writer

The last time 38-year-old Chandra Gurung was counted in a national census was in Bhutan in 1991, and it led to the expulsion of more than 105,000 Bhutanese of Nepali descent.

Authorities "wanted to know if your parents and grandparents were born in Bhutan," she recalled. "If they weren't, you were forced to leave."

Now, with some apprehension, Gurung faces another count: the 2010 U.S. Census.
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Volunteers help immigrants with citizenship questions at CUNY/Daily News Citizenship Now! call-in

The last week of April, immigrants can call counselors and get their citizenship questions answered. - - Donna Poisl


Ukraine native Polina Lemberg got some serious help 15 years ago when she became a U.S. citizen.

Now she's giving back.

Lemberg was one of roughly 300 volunteers who streamed into a Manhattan auditorium yesterday to prepare for the eighth annual CUNY/Daily News Citizenship Now! call-in to help those with immigration questions.
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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Second Round of Census Forms Mailed to 40 Million Households

Maybe all the news reports and ads will convince people, especially immigrants, that they should send the census forms back. And they will not get into any kind of trouble by doing it. Their schools, roads, police and fire departments get money for every person in the state. But they have to be counted.

These forms are being sent to the neighborhoods with low return rates. The second mailing is cheaper than sending workers personally to each address next month.

Currently, the national mail participation rate is 60 percent, with some of the lowest rates in Alaska, California, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The latest national and local participation rates can be viewed at

Latino immigrants proud that L.A.'s next archbishop is 'one of us'

The present leader of the archdiocese has championed immigrants and the new leader certainly will continue. The parishioners are very excited since the new leader is "one of them", an immigrant. - - Donna Poisl

Many agree that such an appointment is long overdue in an archdiocese that is now 70% Latino. Jose Gomez, born in Mexico, is expected to take over next year

By Patrick J. McDonnell

It was a weekday evening following the exhilaration of Holy Week, but St. Michael Catholic Church in South Los Angeles was still abuzz.

Word was just circulating that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles would soon have a new leader -- Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio, Mexican-born, like most of these parishioners -- replacing Cardinal Roger Mahony, set to retire next year after a quarter-century guiding his hometown see.
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Immigration Reform Activists Keep the Pressure On

I doubt any time will be especially good to start the debates, but the need is definitely there now. Why not start now? Immigration reform will help the economy recover too. - - Donna Poisl

by New America Media, News report, Elena Shore

Some say this is the wrong time to talk about immigration reform. Congress just passed a huge overhaul of the nation’s health care system; Republicans and Democrats in Congress seem more divided than ever; the country is still in a recession; and it’s an election year.

But with the decks seemingly stacked against them, immigration reform advocates told members of the U.S. ethnic media Monday that they intend to keep up the pressure on legislators to enact immigration reform in 2010.
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

La Americana, film

This film is about immigration policies and how it affects families. Look at the trailer and see the movie when it is available on PBS and DVD. - - Donna Poisl

Sent by Jonathan Mittiga, Outreach, La Americana

Our film, La Americana (, is an award-winning documentary which follows a young Bolivian woman's journey to the U.S. to save her ailing daughter.


The movie puts a human face on the ways in which immigration policies affect families on both sides of the border. The film screened at festivals worldwide and is used by major organizations and universities to engage audiences around immigrant rights and immigration reform.

We're releasing the film on DVD and airing it on PBS later this year.

Jonathan Mittiga
Outreach, La Americana

Agriculture Needs Immigration Reform

This writer tells how much the country would suffer without the immigrant work force on the farms and in the fields. We need immigration reform now. - - Donna Poisl

by Rick Jordahl, Pork Magazine

With an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, no one will disagree that immigration reform needs to be a priority.

For many reasons, most U.S. workers choose employment in other vocations leaving a labor vacuum on crop fields and livestock farms. The fact is, U.S. agriculture has a labor crisis.

“Most farmers and ranchers still struggle to find all the workers they need,” says Gene Hall, public relations director, Texas Farm Bureau. “The majority of the illegal aliens came here to work.”
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'Sea change' in attitude toward state immigrants

A large percentage of California voters are in favor of legalizing immigrants who are here illegally. This bodes well for the immigration reform debate when it comes. - - Donna Poisl

by KEN McLAUGLIN / MediaNews Group

In a dramatic turnaround from 16 years ago, Californians now overwhelmingly favor giving illegal immigrants a "path to legalization" rather than punishing them by denying them a public education and social services, according to a poll unveiled Monday.

The survey of 1,515 registered voters showed that 67 percent of Californians support a two-pronged approach to solving the illegal immigration problem: implementing stronger enforcement at the border while setting up a legalization path for undocumented immigrants who admit they broke the law, perform community service, learn English and pay fines and back taxes.
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Opinion: A personal view of comprehensive immigration reform - Why welcoming immigrants is the American thing to do

This piece tells the writer's own story and talks about illegal immigrants who are afraid and desperate, yet stay here, trying for a better life for their families. - - Donna Poisl

By Alex Lu

Immigration means different things to different people. For some, it’s the start of a new life in the “Land of Freedom and Opportunity.” For others, just a way to send money home. Among those already established here, some feel that it’s a welcome influx of diverse traditions, novel philosophies, and colorful customs; others feel it brings in competition that depletes limited economic resources.

However you feel about immigration — legal or otherwise — in this Land of Freedom and Opportunity, I believe we can all agree on some core values. It’s uniquely American that we’re an upwardly mobile society; entrepreneurs willing to distinguish themselves through ingenuity, schooling, or even just sheer hard work, have opportunities to advance in life.
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Black Clergy: Don't Deport Illegal Immigrants

Here is another very important group calling for immigration reform. It is not only Hispanics who are here illegally, people from all parts of the world are included. - - Donna Poisl

Group Says Immigrants Of African Decent Targeted, Too

Written By: Rebekka Schramm - CBS Atlanta Reporter

ATLANTA -- Members of the group Concerned Black Clergy rallied in front of Atlanta’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office Monday. They prayed and sang songs, denouncing America’s treatment of illegal immigrants -- and not just the ones from Latin America.

“It’s about those individuals, people of color, friends in Haiti,” said Dr. Richard Cobble, the group’s president. “We’ve just gone through this thing in Haiti. People coming out of Haiti, they’re sending folks back to Haiti. They’re from South America, from Africa, from all over this world.”
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Memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This memorial fund to Dr. King needs some more help. Dr. King's work was for people everywhere to be treated with dignity and attain their potential; also needed in the fight for immigration reform. - - Donna Poisl

Sent by Lowell Dempsey,

The month of April marks the 42nd anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We are commemorating the life and work of Dr. King by creating a memorial in our nation's capital. The Washington, DC, Martin Luther King, Jr., National Memorial will honor his life and contributions to the world through non violent social change.

I've put together this blogger-friendly micro-site to help get the message out - there are videos, photos, banners, and even a web toolbar that, when used, donates money to the creation of the memorial:

After years of fund raising, the memorial is now $14 million away from its $120 million goal. This will be more than a monument to a great humanitarian, the National Memorial will be a place for visitors from around the world to share the spirit of love, freedom, and peace.


Lowell Dempsey,
Twitter @mlkmemorial

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity"
--Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Report: College remains elusive for many Hispanic men

This reporter explains why Hispanic men are often not going to college, this must change. - - Donna Poisl

Hispanic women enrolling at a higher rate, as men find obstacles to higher education, study says

by Serena Maria Daniels, Tribune reporter

Luis Rivera's life is a delicate balancing act — studying at the University of Illinois at Chicago for as long as 12 hours a day, caring for his two young children and working as a research assistant at the school's College of Medicine.

Rivera, 33, will complete his bachelor of arts with a major in Latin American and Latino Studies, and is determined to succeed in medical school, which he starts this fall. But when he graduated high school nearly 16 years ago, he, like many of his Hispanic male counterparts, sidelined a college experience so he could work full time.
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Latin sorority seeks reform

The DREAM Act was introduced a year ago, more people have to try to push it through. Such a waste to educate these kids through high school and then not let them continue their education. - - Donna Poisl

‘DREAMers’ lobby university access with nationwide activism

By Josh Ward, Contributing Writer

An immigration reform activist group hosted a presentation on campus Wednesday to inform students about a piece of legislation proposed in Congress that would grant illegal immigrants conditional permanent residency and a pathway to attend higher education.

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition’s lecture, sponsored by the Delta Iota Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc., also featured a showing of “Papers,” a documentary about illegal immigrants.

The documentary addressed the lives and experiences of several illegal immigrants as they graduate from high school and struggle with the ongoing complications stemming from the fact that they are not American citizens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., introduced the Development, Reflief and Education for Alien Minors Act legislation into both chambers of Congress in March of 2009.
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Elizabeth Ricci: Immigration reform is critical to Florida

This piece proves that if immigrant workers are given legal status, all American workers would get increased pay also. - - Donna Poisl


In mid-March, U.S. Sens. Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham presented their proposal for comprehensive immigration reform. If their plan were to become law, it would end illegal employment through the use of biometric Social Security cards, boost enforcement, control future immigration to correspond to economic realities, and call for a hard-hitting but reasonable path toward legalization not only for the 720,000 undocumented aliens in Florida, but for the 11 million people illegally in the U.S.

Why is the Schumer-Graham proposal important to Florida? Politics and economics.
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Community leaders urge immigrants to fill out census forms

Census workers are using every means they can think of to get the right message to immigrants. I hope it works. - - Donna Poisl

By Jeff Diamant/The Star-Ledger

NEWARK — The worshippers had just finished their regular Friday prayers in Newark when a regular attendee walked to the front of the mosque to deliver a decidedly non-religious message.

"We have a lot of Africans who live here, but we don’t know how many," said Dosso Kassimou, an Ivory Coast native and head of Newark’s African Commission, to the 80 Muslims assembled there, most of them Africans. "The census this year is very important. ... Please, you have to fill it out."
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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bhutanese refugees use artistry to celebrate culture

These refugees from Nepal are able to use their handiwork to earn some money while they learn English and skills for other jobs in this country. And it teaches Americans more about that country too. - - Donna Poisl

Talented refugees start new lives in Erie


Born and raised in Nepal where her Bhutanese parents lived as refugees, Anu Khanal, 21, learned artistry with needles and thread.

It didn't take her long. "I just watch others," Khanal said. "I see and then do."

Many immigrants arrive in Erie with skills and creativity they can't describe in English. Their talents must speak for themselves.

The artisans use their handiwork to keep in touch with their traditions and cultures. Some knit hats and scarves, others crochet blankets and table covers and bedspreads. Father of four Kamal Upreti, 41, can tailor new Nepali clothing
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Bill Seeks to Legalize Status of Immigrant U.S. Military Families

This bill will give permanent residency to families of immigrants who are actively serving in the U.S. military. Several senators are supporting it. - - Donna Poisl


CHICAGO – A bill seeking permanent residency for families of immigrants, including Filipinos, actively serving in the U.S. military is now pending before the U.S. Senate.

Senate Bill 2757, or the Military Families Act, was filed by Sen. Robert Menendez last November. The bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee. According to the U.S. Senate, there are 114,601 foreign-born individuals serving in the armed forces as of June 30, 2009, or almost 8 percent of the 1.4 million total military personnel on active duty.
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Monmouth U. center empowers immigrants

Immigrants are always a very entrepreneurial group, this new center will help them with their business start-ups. - - Donna Poisl

Center for Entrepreneurship's newest project


ASBURY PARK — What began as a conversation between Monmouth University Professor John Buzza and Cecilia Reynolds, publisher of Peridico Nosotros, a Monmouth County Spanish-language newspaper, has led to the creation of an immigrants' service center here.

Called Nosotros Center for Immigrant Services, the center is taking shape at 808 Main St. here as the newest project of Buzza's Center for Entrepreneurship, the elective in the Leon Hess business school that over the past few years has become the class to take to prepare students for running their own businesses.
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Cal focus

New study claims legalizing the illegal residents now in the country would produce a $1.5 trillion benefit to the economy over 10 years. - - Donna Poisl

Pro-immigrant studies won't end debate

By Thomas D. Elias

Professors at UCLA and USC released studies early this year that concluded allowing illegal immigrants to stay in America would provide a huge boost to the economy. But if anyone thought their findings might end one of this country's longest-running policy and moral debates, they were sadly mistaken.

That's because the battle over illegal immigrants, and the question of whether they should be permitted some path to eventual citizenship, actually heated up after those reports appeared. On one side, the studies' authors and others insist that legalizing the currently undocumented would produce wage increases, increase tax receipts at all levels of government, up the consumption of consumer goods and create jobs.
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Imam assimilation

This American born and trained imam is finding it a hard career path. Not like being in the Christian or Jewish clergy. I'm sure these American Muslim clerics are needed; they know the culture, language and habits. - - Donna Poisl

One man tries to make room for American-born Muslim clerics

by Michelle Boorstein The Washington Post

If there were a prototype for an American-style imam, Adeel Zeb might be it. In Koran study groups, the 28-year-old volunteer chaplain at American University weaves in references to U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, and comedian Dave Chappelle (both Muslim),, frat life and President Obama.

He preaches tolerance and civic idealism and sports a pinstriped suit, a GQ-ish trimmed beard and an animated delivery he learned from the Baptist college where he minored in communications. He'd like to become part of the first generation of American-born imams, but it's a career path that is proving much more difficult than he expected.
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The urgency of immigration reform

Our economy will recover much quicker when immigration reform is enacted. Most politicians are afraid to work on it though, it is hard to get the truth about the issue to the public. - - Donna Poisl

By Joy Athanasiou

Last month, hundreds of thousands of Americans, including nearly 200,000 in Washington, D.C. and 750 in Denver, rallied in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

Most members of Congress know that the current immigration system is unworkable and badly in need of reform, yet are afraid to act on this important legislation because of the current political atmosphere. There is also the common misperception that any reform would only impact immigrants. On the contrary, our current immigration laws drastically harm U.S. citizens and U.S. companies and waste an enormous amount of our tax dollars.
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Study: Census campaign targeting Spanish-speakers generating good response

This is good news. It was feared that Hispanics, in particular, would ignore the census form. An accurate count is needed for federal funds for schools, police, roads and many other things. - - Donna Poisl

By Carol Morello, Washington Post Staff Writer

Recent Hispanic immigrants are more likely to return their census questionnaires than Hispanics born in the United States, according to a new study that suggests a census campaign targeting Spanish speakers has been wildly successful.

A telephone survey of about 1,000 people conducted in the third week of March by the Pew Hispanic Center also found that foreign-born Hispanics are less skeptical that their census information will remain confidential.
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Supreme Court says lawyers must tell immigrant clients of deportation risk

The Supreme Court has ruled that attorneys must give immigrant clients correct advice regarding their status and how they plead in a case. - - Donna Poisl

By Robert Barnes, Washington Post Staff Writer

Lawyers must advise their immigrant clients facing criminal charges that pleading guilty could lead to deportation, the Supreme Court decided Tuesday.

The court ruled 7 to 2 that the Sixth Amendment guarantee of an effective counsel extends to advice about the risk of having to leave the country.

"It is our responsibility under the Constitution to ensure that no criminal defendant -- whether a citizen or not -- is left to the mercies of incompetent counsel," Justice John Paul Stevens wrote.
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